complete tech



Technology Outfitting

Where it all starts.  Tell us what you wish to achieve, and we'll find the right tech to help you get it done.  Our operatives will ensure a seamless transition from your old devices to our enhanced offerings.

Choose Your Platform

Apple. Google. Microsoft.  Our team of operatives will provide a solution that is integrated from top to bottom with the platform of your choice.  We can also recommend a particular platform based on your needs.


Technology Training

Once you've decided on your platform and devices, our operatives can train you to get the most out of them in order to effectively impact your personal life or business. No matter your knowledge level, we can help you to elevate your usage of technology.

Classes or One-on-one tutorials

We can teach an entire team at once or provide dedicated time for individual lessons regarding any gadgets you may have. 


Mobile Device Solutions

Mobile devices are the most important technological items we use on a daily basis.  Making sure they're set up in a way that empowers you to get the most out of your device is paramount.

Mobile device setup and optimization

Our tech specialists will activate your device, install updates, remove junk apps, install the apps you want, and even suggest a few that may benefit you.

Screen Repair

Shattered screens are an unfortunately all-too-common sight, and they're actually quite unsightly.  Restore your device to its former glory in as little as 6 hours.  We fix iPhones, most Android Phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Virus/malware removal

Yes, phones can get malware too. Bring your infected device in and let us wipe out the bugs for you.


Phone acting strangely? Want to learn how to use a feature or app on your phone? We're here for that. Schedule a consultation today.

Web Site Design/Redesign/Optimization

We can build a commerce or personal website for you using tools provided by Squarespace.  We can help you to obtain domains, set up emails, as well as optimize your site to be found easily on Google.


Smart Home Services

Our operatives can make your home better, smarter, and safer.  

Lighting & temperature control

We can set up many different brands of smart light bulbs and smart thermostats, based on your needs within your home.  Through sensors and machine learning, we can get your home to look and feel just right all the time, and save you money. We will give you the power to make adjustments with your voice or with your smart device.


We can also help you to secure your home or business with smart cameras, locks and keypads.  View your properties securely from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or the web. 


In-Home Tech Solutions

The Basics, made even simpler.

WI-Fi setup and Optimization

Our home internet connections handle a lot nowadays: Computers, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Appliances, Smart Lighting, Video Game Systems, etc.  Complete Tech Solutions will create a secure, powerful and functional Wi-Fi network in your home capable of having everything performing optimally.  

Smart TV Setup

Netflix. Youtube. Hulu? Whatever your favorite service is, we'll make sure you're connected and ready to stream. 

Printer install and setup

We can get you printing in a jiffy.  Wired or Wi-Fi, we'll make sure everyone can print from anywhere in the house.

pc/mac setup

Computers are how it all started for most of us.  The original gateway to the Internet, computers are still very important in our work and personal lives.  We configure and optimize the system to your needs, install software, download updates and remove junk so all you've got to worry about is logging on.

Software install

We will install any software and configure it to your needs.